Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Window Phone!

The weather forcast is often inaccurate. When it predicts in advance it’s gonna be rainy, the day ends up being bright and sunny. Seunghan Song designed the weather predicting Window Phone. It promises to predict the weather accurately. This phone is sleek and transparent, thin like a plastic sheet. The most amazing thing about this phone is that it will “mimick” the weather. For example, if it’s a sunny day, it will display with a clear screen, if it’s a rainy day, there will be virtual drops and when it snows we will see some frosty veneer.

From the photo, we see the phone doesn’t have any keys. A user can fog up the phone to switch the phone into handwriting mode for calling and texting. This could be tiring for users easily. Some questions have been asked such as whether the battery will be able to handle such technology, where would the accurate data come from or where the sim will be inserted.

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Though this is just a concept phone, I believe that when it comes into the market, it will override any phones currently out for its design and technology. 

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Post by: Lisa Vuong

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  1. the resolution of e-paper phone is up :),interesting stuff !