Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Holographic Projection Technology

Holographic Projection Technology, created by AV Concepts Digital  is technology that allows video, or graphics, to be displayed in 3d without the need for 3d glasses. This technology has the ability to broadcast multiple  people from various countries/locations, live and have them appearing as if their all in the same place at the same time. 
This technology is based on the 'Peppers Ghost' technique, which basically means that the viewers that are viewing the first screen, can't see what is being projected from the second screen, usually at a 45 degree angle. The second 'private' screen reflects the image via a mirror, which the result is what the viewer sees on the first screen. As seen in this image. (the red 'room' is what the user cant see, and the back white screen in the green room, is what is presented to the user). 

However, even though the concept of this technology is old, it has progressed through the advances in high definition and projection quality, which has made it more realistic and 'life like'. To implement the hologram technology is rather expensive, with the recent 2pac Performance at the Coachella festival estimated to be around $250,000 and took in the vicinity, 4 months to produce. ( 2pacs 2012 performance can be viewed here)

Ultimately, this technology has the potential to be very beneficial to all areas of society, from patients requiring a doctor's consultation in the privacy of their own home, teachers teaching children in third world countries, to attending an important business meeting overseas via the comfort of your own home, or for entertainment purposes, such as concerts with people who have passed, and have an "All stars" music collaboration on tour, eg: Elvis, 2pac and Freddie Mercury.
However, global access to this high quality hologram technology will only be limited by the high financial and production resources, which means this type of technology may not be in the hands of the general public for a few years yet.

- Posted by Ryan Maher

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