Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rumours of Apples

Rumours about iPhone 5 appeared even before iPhone 4S was released. I hope that some of them are truthful because they are very cool and fascinating. For example, the rumour about transparency of the new iPhone. 

At first sight it`s even hard to understand how could it be transparent and if it really does not have anything inside how and where Apple hided all the interior. However if we watch this video more carefully, we could recognise that once the apps appear on the screen the phone is not transparent anymore. The only solution for this magic that comes to my mind is that the cameras  give the images adapted for the full screen, therefore the phone looks transparent. 

The other rumour is that iPhone 5 would be made of a liquid metal.

A new composition of  titanium, nickel, copper and zirconium among other metals, is tough, light and scratch resistant. This will make a new phone very light, thin and smooth as glass.

Anyways, Apple promised to release the new iPhome 5 this June. That means that very soon every Apple fan would be able to discover new features and abilities of the new iPhone. Personally I am very excited to see the upcoming revolution in the world of phones. Let`s wait and hope that Apple will give us something we did not expect as they always do.

Posted by Roman Stupak :)

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  1. this kind of liquid can change the way we look about architecture but we dont want it to be cracked like the iphone, its a cool concept though !!