Sunday, 15 April 2012

Senseye - change the way we use Smartphones!

This is one unique innovation which focuses on changing our lives and the way we use technology. Introducing the new Senseye, a software which allows users to interact with their mobile phone device just by looking at it. all you have to do is activate the screen, scroll websites and instantly you'll be able to read things without the need to use your hands! The concept of technology from the Copenhagen project was designed to imply innovative features that will be installed in future models of smartphones.

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Although its still a work in progress project, I believe this will become a big attraction in the smartphone market, where users are constantly hoping for new advanced technology to be developed on smartphones. I would definitely give this product a fair go because I can picture this being something that will be able to allow me or other users to make our smartphone a convenient piece of technology. Although there have been new functions introduced into smartphones like 'Siri' or voice over talk/dictation, I find that it's still not enough to fufil the definition of a "smartphone". Hopefully in the near future, Senseye will be successful enough to be included in future smartphones and transform with amazing changes in the way people use their phones.

Here is a video of Senseye, running on an Android device:

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