Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Future of Voice Synthesis

Voice synthesis has been around for the past decades, but it has always been professional oriented and targets users with either programming or hardware-engineering skills. As such, it was never a very well developed field of technology, until Yamaha Corporation introduced Vocaloid, a speech/song synthesiser in 2004.

Included in the software are a huge library of pre-recorded vocal fragments, a dedicated song processing engine, as well as a score editor. The software also offers a relatively simple User Interface. All of these combined allow users with little to no programming skills to syntheses songs and speech.

Initially released in Japan, this software has since caused a huge impact. Millions of songs have been created, recorded and uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting sites, including Pop musics,

Original songs,

Even national anthems!
(USA National Anthem)
(Russia National Anthem)

In short, its ease of use offers users the freedom to create various content, and with the abundant Web 2.0 tools such as video sharing sites, social network sites and online forums cause contents to boom extensively.

Other than singing, the software has also been used in Japan as the voice of in Train Announcement System as well as in telephone recordings.

It would be very interesting to see how the voice synthesis technology would evolve in the future with such popular yet easy-to-use software available to public.

Further reading: Wiki Article on Vocaloid
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