Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The New 3D Printer

We live in an amazing period when people start to invent cool digital things. Some year back a usual (for today life) black and white printer was something magic for me, then there appeared laser and colour printers.
All devices not only those which transfer digital text or pictures upgrade very quickly. In my post today I would like to present you a new 3D printer "The MakerBot Replicator".

This device allows you not only construct objects in 3D programmes on your computer but also create them in the real world. The disadvantage of the machine is that it can only work with maximum two colours but I think that its creators will soon cope with it too.
The device can be very useful for engineers and architectures. These people need to imagine their ideas and now they would be able to preview them and see all pros and cons before the actual implementation.
The MakerBot can become a very useful device for studying on any stage of your life (primary schools as well as for universities).
To sum up, this machine is created for everyone who want to know, feel and create the world in 3D.

Posted by Roman Stupak :)

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