Saturday, 14 April 2012

Smart fridge

Here is the latest invention in home technology for lazy people who sometimes want to talk to kitchen devices. This fridge can help you to choose and order products online, offer recipes for dishes that can be cooked with the items in it and even help to prepare an oven, set it on the required temperature and switch on a timer via wireless connection.

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The device saves information about new products that are now in stock by scanning barcodes from the shop or via voice recognition system.

 To my mind very useful for our fast life style and especially for student who do not have time to waste time shopping. It can also become a good company to talk with during lonely evenings.
In my opinion, it is the coolest kitchen invention after a knife of cause.

Though the fridge has so many advantages there is always a fly in the ointment. The prise of a new cohabitant would really affect family budget not only by its own prise but also increase amount of kW in electrical bill. The owner of this miracle would depend on technologies and become even more lazy and passive.

Moreover, proprietor would probably sometimes prefer to stay alone in the kitchen without any sound however the electrical friend is always ready to respond on words even if it is just a talk phone call or someone sings his favourite song.

I would certainly buy it if it cooked instead of me. And I am pretty sure that Japan will shortly create robot-chief and present it to the world.  

Posted by Roman Stupak

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  1. future wives will be more free, however its a good innovation to prevent complaints from women because they must cook their ass off xD