Thursday, 19 April 2012

GM Advanced Tech Window!

So how many of you out there find it a bit boring sitting in the car, the backseat, doing nothing apart from staring out the window? I mean, you could be using your portable games or even DVD players just to entertain yourself on car trips but let's face it, it's so old school! The aim of this new technological development is to allow rear passengers, especially children have a more enjoyable and pleasant experience.

General Motors Research and Development put a challenge to researchers and students from the FUTURE LAB at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. The students were asked to turn car windows into interactive displays that are capable of stimulating awareness, with a strong connection with the world outside the vehicle.

The apps include:
- Otto, an animated character projected over passing scenery that responds to real-time car performance, weather and landscape. Learn about the environment in a playful way!
- Foofu, an app that allows passengers to create, explore and discover through finger drawing
- Spindow, allows users to peek into other users windows around the globe
- Pond, which allows users to share music, and messages with other passengers.

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I think this is such an amazing window that's been created, it's entertaining, relaxing and interactive. It's a transparent screen that can allow you to access the internet to share music, learn about locations outside the vehicle etc. I would definitely purchase as soon it becomes reality!

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